In-Store Services (Gait, Bra Fitting, Mental Health)

Gait Analysis

Gait analysis can be a powerful way to determine if you have any weak links in the chain, or bad habits that are causing extra strain on your body whilst running. It can also be useful for determining the best shoe for you, and what areas you need to strengthen.

Make sure you get the right shoe for you by making use of our in Store Gait Analysis technology. We use cutting edge technology to demonstrate how a particular shoe works for you. Book your appointment today!

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Sports Bra Fitting

According to some statistics, 80% of women wear the wrong size bra!!

In a unique link up with Runderwear, and Brooks, get your sports bra fitting with us, in store.

Many many women and girls have either never been measured properly, or wear ill-fitting/wrong sized bras/sports bras, it really does seem to be either an afterthought for most, or like many women and girls a topic they would much rather not discuss. 

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The reason Sole Mate was established was to enable as many people as possible to reap the benefits on both your physical and mental health, through running.

We now have access to a psycho therapist that bases herself from the shop on a Friday. Please call in and ask for further details.

Room Availability

If you'd like to sublet either of our rooms for any of the above services, please get in touch!!

Pop in store to find out more about all of our services, or call us on 01685 673988