Shokz OpenSwim Bone Conduction Running Headphones

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Color: Black Diamond

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Dive into a world of audio excellence with Shokz OpenSwim Bone Conduction Running Headphones. Tailored for swimmers, these waterproof wonders combine innovative bone conduction technology with a sleek design, providing crystal-clear sound without compromising your safety. Immerse yourself in the perfect harmony of music and water with OpenSwim."

Key Features:

  1. Waterproof and Submersible: Designed to withstand immersion, OpenSwim Bone Conduction Headphones are fully waterproof, allowing you to enjoy your favourite tunes while swimming or engaging in water sports.

  2. Bone Conduction Brilliance: Experience audio through your cheekbones, leaving your ears open to the aquatic environment for increased safety and awareness during your swim.

  3. Secure and Hydrodynamic Fit: The streamlined design and secure fit ensure that OpenSwim stays in place, offering a hydrodynamic profile that enhances your swimming experience.

  4. Long Battery Life: Enjoy extended swim sessions with a long-lasting battery that keeps the music flowing throughout your time in the water.


  • Swim in Harmony: OpenSwim allows you to swim to your favourite beats while staying attuned to the sounds of the water, creating a harmonious and immersive swimming experience.

  • Hydrodynamic Design: The sleek and hydrodynamic design minimizes drag, making OpenSwim the perfect accessory for swimmers looking to enhance their performance.

  • Easy Controls: The intuitive controls make it easy to adjust volume, skip tracks, and manage calls without interrupting your swim.

4 GB of MP3 Storage (Up to 1200 songs)
8-Hour Battery Life
IP68 Waterproof (For swimming)
Comfortable Under Swim Cap