Spektrum Blank Running Sunglasses

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Color: Optical White/Infrared Lenses

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Embark on a journey of unmatched performance and sustainability with Spektrum Blank Running Sunglasses. Crafted from planet-friendly bio-materials, these sunglasses are designed for extended active use, offering durability, clarity, and a commitment to eco-conscious running. Experience a revolution in running gear with Spektrum Blank.

Key Features:

  1. Planet-Friendly Bio-Materials: Spektrum Blank is crafted from bio-materials, establishing itself as the sustainable choice for environmentally-conscious runners. Each stride with these sunglasses contributes to a greener planet.

  2. Built for Extended Active Use: Engineered for durability and comfort, Spektrum Blank sunglasses are specifically built for extended active use. Whether it's a quick jog or a challenging trail run, these sunglasses keep pace with your active lifestyle.

  3. Lens by Zeiss - Ultimate UV Protection: Revel in the ultimate UV protection and maximum clarity with Carl Zeiss lenses. Spektrum Blank shields your eyes from harmful UV rays, delivering an unparalleled visual experience on every run.

  4. Impact-Resistant, Anti-Shatter Technology: Face varying terrains with confidence, knowing that Spektrum Blank sunglasses feature impact-resistant and anti-shatter lens technology. Your eyewear is designed to endure the challenges of your run.

  5. Anti-Scratch Coated Lenses: The lenses of Spektrum Blank are coated with an anti-scratch layer, ensuring enduring clarity and performance. Focus on your run without the worry of scratches affecting your vision.

Spektrum Blank Optical White with Infrared Lenses gives you full protection from unwanted radiation, wind and objects. With a snug fit, it’s is built for high paced activity where light weight and comfort are key factors and the lens shape is engineered for maximized coverage. 

the Zeiss grey base lens with multi-layer Infrared mirror coating is ideal for prolonged use during bright and sunny days. This lens offer visual protection from high reflections, delivers the greatest visual comfort and natural perception without any colour distortion.

  • Performance lens from Carl Zeiss with ultimate UV-protection and maximum clarity
  • Bio-based Polyamid frames

 Rubberized non-slip fully adjustable temples Exchangeable rubber nosepads (2 sizes) for optimized fit

  • Multi-layer mirror
  • Ri-Pel water repellant and anti-scratch lens coatings
  • Extremely impact resistant lens 
  • Micro fiber pouch


Exchangeable lens system (lenses available @ spektrumsports.com) Made in Italy