True Motion Nevos Elements Next Gen - Men's Road to Trail Running Shoes

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Color: Black/Mykonos Blue/Castle Rock
Size: 7.5

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Whether you're a seasoned marathon runner or a novice exploring the joy of running, the right pair of running shoes can transform your experience. The True Motion U-Tech Nevos Elements men's road to trail / hybrid running shoes, available at Sole Mate, are designed to do just that. This innovative footwear combines superior design with groundbreaking technology, enhancing comfort, boosting performance, and altering the way you perceive running.

Elevate your Run with U-Tech Technology

The True Motion U-Tech Nevos Elements Next Gen shoes are powered by pioneering U-Tech technology, which offers a nuanced approach to support. Rather than differentiating between neutral or support categories, this technology centres the point of force during footstrike, preventing harmful motion and potential issues. This creates a holistic running experience that mimics the sensation of running on a soft forest floor and imitates a natural, centred foot strike.

The transformative U-Tech tech centres your foot in the shoe, nurturing stability without hampering your natural stride. When your foot sinks into the U-Tech technology during a run, it adjusts to a dynamic offset of a foot-neutral 0 mm, leading to an efficient transition and an explosive push-off. This makes the Nevos Elements superb for both short, intense sprints and endurance-based long runs.

Crafted for All-Weather Performance

Beyond the technical intricacies, the True Motion U-Tech Nevos Elements shoes don’t compromise on practicality. They are aptly designed for all weather conditions and diverse terrains, boasting water and mud-repellent uppers to keep your feet dry regardless of the weather. The shoes also feature a non-slip outsole, ensuring secure running across various surfaces, be it paved city streets or rugged countryside trails.

The shoe, available in the unique Black Dresden Blue Blackened Pearl colour combination, blends functionality with fashion, making the Nevos Elements a standout choice for the fashion-conscious athlete.

Perfect for Every Runner

Designed for all runners, the True Motion U-Tech Nevos Elements shoes provide a stable, well-cushioned experience regardless of your running routine. The shoes seamlessly adapt to your foot's unique geometry, facilitating a dynamic push-off and keeping you stable, comfortable, and ready to conquer miles.

Whether you’re training for a competition, working on your fitness, or just taking a leisurely run, the Nevos Elements shoes upgrade your running experience, providing an unrivalled level of comfort and support.

Transform Your Running Experience

At Sole Mate, our commitment is to equip the running community with the best products. With knowledgeable and passionate staff on hand, we ensure the footwear we offer enhances your performance and enjoyment - and the True Motion U-Tech Nevos Elements shoes strongly align with this ethos.

Embrace the powerful design and innovative technology of these shoes to revolutionise your run. With a supportive, comfortable structure and unmatched practicality for all conditions, True Motion U-Tech Nevos Elements could just be your ancillary force, propelling you to new running heights.

Use: short and long runs, in all weather conditions, on paved and unpaved surfaces.




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