Hammer Nutrition Heed 2.0 (Tubs and Sachets)

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Flavour: Lemon Lime
Size: Single Serving Sachet
Hammer Nutrition Heed 2.0 High Energy Electrolyte HEED is a sports drink that provides you with all of the calories, electrolytes and fluid you need during medium to high-intensity exercise. Real food ingredients, make HEED taste better than sweet artificial flavours. The ideal sports nutrition for endurance athletes with no artificial ingredients or added sugar. HEED supplies you with consistent energy from real food that helps keep your blood sugar level steady. With electrolytes and sodium chloride (salts) to help your body absorb fluid, HEED maintains hydration so you don't bonk before the finish line. HEED is formulated for easy mixing and light natural flavour, making it refreshing and satisfying without upsetting your stomach or being too heavy on the gut.