Race Number Snap-lock Bib Clips

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It can't only be us that is checking every drawer in the house the night before a race, and then saying a little prayer there's a box of safety pins at the race!?

How lush are these Sole Mate race number clips , featuring our "smiley" logo and in our colours?

Made in the UK, from recycled plastic, and they make no holes in your clothes, grab yours now at £7.50 for a pack of 4, and never search another drawer again!


Will they come off during my event?
No, not once they have Snap-Locked

Do they go through the fabric?
NO that’s the beauty of the unique technology.

Do they Rub?
No the backs are less than 2mm thick and bevelled.

Do they mark the fabric?
At worst you might get a dimple which will stretch and wash out easily.

Do you have to have a hole in your number?
YES, you only need a 3mm slit which can be created with a pen nib or any other pointed object, some people use hole punches readily available.

Where are they made?
Made in the UK with recycled plastic

How easy are they to remove?
Very easy

How do they compare with Magnets?
Far better, magnets can come off, are a lot thicker so can rub, mostly are sold with a lot of plastic packaging and are imported from China.

Will they work on Skinsuits and Eyelets?