Rawvelo Organic Hydration Drink Mix

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Flavour: Raspberry 400g

The Rawvelo Organic Hydration Drink Mix serves up an optimum blend of the natural sugars and electrolytes that your body craves when you work out. Simply mix with water for a light, quenching drink that helps to replenish your body. Sip during or immediately after exercise to enjoy the post-exercise glow, without the post-exercise woe.

Why choose Rawvelo hydration mixes?

With a balanced combination of coconut water powder, natural sugars and Himalayan sea salt, our hydration mixes provide a full electrolyte profile to ensure proper hydration during or after intense exercise. They contain optimum levels of potassium, magnesium and other trace minerals, without synthetic additives or artificial sweeteners. It’s all about natural rehydration to aid recovery and get you ready to go again. Because the best adventure is your next one.