About Sole Mate - It's not just a shop!

"To ignite the power of human belief through a happier and healthier lifestyle"

Sole Mate, who are we? Why Sole Mate? It's not just a shop for trainers and clothes, you know!


We opened our doors on the 31st March 2023, as an independent specialist running retail store in Merthyr Tydfil, and whilst Sole Mate seems like a clever play on words (maybe not that clever!), we want people to understand the meaning behind the name and the brand.


We had a few names for the shop, but we wanted to capture our mission, "to ignite the power of human belief through a happier and healthier lifestyle".

What do we mean by this?


Running and being active, has been a saviour for us in terms of our mental health, and we want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to get active and to reap the benefits on both their mental and physical health.


That’s why we are always available to give advice to new runners on how to get into the sport, what training should look like, what kit suits them best for their body and running style, as well as signposting to the great organisations around the town and further afield, that can help you continue that journey.


We get that sometimes the organised classes or clubs aren't for everyone, which is why we run a Couch-to-5k programme where everyone will be at the same level, as well as individual training possibilities for people need that extra bit of "space" while they come to grips with a new hobby. We want to remove the entry barriers to running for everyone.


Nobody has ever said they feel worse after going for a run, honestly!!


Under the banner of "Mind and SoleMate" we run a Community Interest Company which we use raise funds to help with the cost of therapy, and mental health workshops where we can teach techniques to cope with certain situations, wherever we can. At the moment, getting a private appointment with someone could make the world of difference, as opposed to waiting in a lengthy waiting list.

We are so lucky to be surrounded by amazing scenery, beautiful hills and "challenging" weather, and we feel better when we're out in it and with people whose company we enjoy.


There's so much more to come, keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Join the community, Run the roads, Run the trails, Run your life