Gait Analysis Service in Wales

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Boost your running performance with Sole Mate's scientifically-backed Gait Analysis Service in Wales. Whether you are an amateur road runner or a seasoned marathon professional, understanding your unique running style could be the key to optimising performance and preventing injuries.

Personalised Gait Analysis

At Sole Mate, we're not just about offering running gear. We want to provide tools that can help you become a better, healthier runner. Our Gait Analysis Service transcends traditional methods by measuring dynamic stability, how much your hips move side-to-side when running, and impact loading - the time it takes from the impact of your foot landing on the floor to reach your pelvis/core.

By comparing your left leg with your right, we can recommend the best shoe for you, taking into consideration actual data points collected within a minute on a treadmill. This meticulous method ensures a level of accuracy and personalisation that can significantly influence your running performance.

Expert Guidance for Injury Prevention

Our Gait Analysis Service doesn't stop at just recommending footwear. If there's a weakness in your kinetic chain, it even recommends exercises on how to strengthen your weak link further - a proactive approach to injury avoidance.

Advanced Technology and Professional Expertise

We leverage the latest technology and draw upon our professional expertise to offer a Gait Analysis Service like none other in Wales. You can trust our knowledgeable staff to guide you through the entire process, clarifying any doubts you might have along the way. We stand out for our dedication to serving the running community with services that elevate your running experience.

Value for Money

Our Gait Analysis Service is priced at £30. But don't let the price deter you - we will refund £15 if shoes are purchased in store within 30 days of the analysis. It's our way of ensuring you get value from your investment in us and your running journey.

At Sole Mate, we're proud to contribute positively to the running community in Wales. Try our Gait Analysis Service today and take the first step towards optimized running performance and a healthier you.