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Color: OG / Whiskey Shots With Satan

Brighten up your run with the extraordinary Goodr OG Running Sunglasses. Offering the perfect blend of fun, function, and fashion, these sunglasses are designed to meet the unique demands of runners while allowing them to express their unique style.

No Slip, No Bounce, All Fun

Designed specifically for runners, Goodr OG Running Sunglasses feature a grip-coated frame that comfortably secures the sunglasses to your face, eliminating any worries about them slipping or bouncing as you conquer your run. Whether you're sprinting towards a new personal record or enjoying a leisurely jog, you can rely on Goodr OG to stay put.

Crystal Clear Vision with Polarized Lenses

Goodr OG's polarized lenses offer outstanding, glare-free vision, protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays while delivering crystal-clear visuals. These lenses enhance your outdoor experience, ensuring you can clearly see the path ahead, no matter the weather conditions.

Vibrant Colors for Every Style

With Goodr OG, style and performance go hand in hand. Available in a variety of vibrant colours, they offer you the freedom to choose a pair that matches your running gear, mood, or personality. Be bold, express your individuality, and let your Goodr OG sunglasses reflect your unique style.

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Explore our collection of sunglasses and elevate your running experience with Goodr OG Running Sunglasses. Combining style and superior functionality, they are the perfect running companion. Shop now and make your run more enjoyable, stylish, and safe with Sole Mate.