Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem 2.0 Ultra Endurance Fuel For Running

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Flavour: Strawberry
Size: 32 Serving Tub

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Revolutionize your endurance runs with the cutting-edge performance of Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem 2.0 Ultra Endurance Fuel. Featuring a new tapioca formula, this endurance fuel is engineered to deliver steady energy, spare muscles, and enhance fat burning for extended and optimized running performance. Explore the endless possibilities of Perpetuem 2.0 and redefine your running limits.

Key Features:

  1. New Tapioca Formula: Perpetuem 2.0 introduces a breakthrough tapioca formula, setting a new standard for endurance fuelling with improved digestibility and performance benefits.

  2. Steady Energy Release: The unique formulation of Perpetuem 2.0 ensures a steady and sustained release of energy hour after hour, allowing runners to maintain peak performance throughout extended endurance efforts.

  3. Muscle-Sparing Design: Perpetuem 2.0 is crafted to spare muscles from breakdown during prolonged runs, providing the essential nutrients needed to support muscle function and prevent fatigue.

  4. Optimized Fat Burning: The fuel's design encourages the body to burn fat efficiently, optimizing endurance by tapping into the body's fat stores for a consistent and lasting energy source.


  • Endurance Redefined: Perpetuem 2.0 sets a new standard for endurance fuelling, providing a steady and reliable energy source for runners seeking extended performance.

  • Muscle Preservation: The muscle-sparing design of Perpetuem 2.0 ensures that your muscles receive the support they need to endure longer runs without the risk of breakdown.

  • Fat-Burning Efficiency: By optimizing fat burning, Perpetuem 2.0 enhances endurance by tapping into the body's natural energy reserves, providing sustained fuel for extended efforts.