Hilly Twin Skin Running Socks - Anklet

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Color: Black/Grey Marl
Size: Large

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Step into the future of running comfort with Hilly Twin Skin Running Socks - Anklet, meticulously designed with a double layer construction for blister prevention. These socks feature minimal cushioning, combining an inner sock made from Meryl® with an outer sock crafted from Dry Release fabric. Discover the ultimate blend of comfort, protection, and innovative technology that redefines your running experience.

  1. Double Layer Construction for Blister Prevention:

    Hilly Twin Skin Running Socks boast a groundbreaking double layer construction, forming a protective shield against friction and preventing blisters. Run confidently, knowing your feet are safeguarded during every stride.

  2. Minimal Cushioning for Lightweight Support:

    With minimal cushioning, these socks offer featherweight support without compromising on protection. Experience a smooth and comfortable run, with just the right amount of cushioning for optimal performance.

  3. Inner Sock Made from Luxurious Meryl®:

    The inner sock is crafted from Meryl®, a premium fabric renowned for its softness, durability, and moisture-wicking properties. Enjoy a luxurious feel against your skin, combined with Meryl's exceptional ability to keep your feet dry.

  4. Outer Sock Crafted from DriRelease® Fabric:

    The outer sock is made from DriRelease® cotton, an innovative material that efficiently wicks away moisture, ensuring your feet stay dry and comfortable throughout your run. Experience freshness and focus, even in challenging conditions.

  5. Anklet-Length Design for Optimal Coverage:

    Crafted in a practical anklet-length design, these running socks offer optimal coverage without sacrificing breathability. Enjoy unrestricted movement and comfort during your runs, whether you're sprinting on the track or navigating trails.

  6. Durable Construction for Long-Lasting Wear:

    Hilly is synonymous with durability, and these running socks are built to withstand the rigors of regular use. Invest in gear that provides lasting comfort, support, and blister prevention for your running endeavours.

  • Double-layer construction to prevent friction on the foot
  • Lightweight and fine Meryl® Skinlife inner effectively transfers moisture to the outer
  • DriRelease® cotton outer layer ensures superb drying rate
  • Durable heel & toe box yarns
  • Vented upper and outer
  • Inner sock arch grip