Injinji Run Lightweight Running Socks - No Show

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Color: Black
Size: Medium

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 Step into a world of unparalleled lightweight running with Injinji Run Lightweight Running Socks - No Show, meticulously designed with a precise 200 needle count for optimal comfort and breathability. These socks redefine the running experience with featherlight freedom and precision. Let's explore the features that make Injinji the ultimate choice for a comfortable and enjoyable run.

  1. Precision Craftsmanship with 200 Needle Count:

    Injinji Run Socks boast a meticulous 200 needle count, ensuring precision in every stitch. Experience the ultimate in sock technology, providing a snug fit, breathability, and a seamless feel for your feet during your runs.

  2. No Show Design for Unrestricted Freedom:

    Crafted in a No Show design, these running socks offer unrestricted freedom without sacrificing coverage. Enjoy the freedom of movement and comfort during your runs, with a design that stays discreet and comfortable.

  3. Lightweight Running Comfort:

    Experience featherlight comfort with Injinji Run Lightweight Running Socks. The precise 200 needle count contributes to the lightweight design, ensuring a comfortable and effortless running experience mile after mile.

  4. Moisture-Wicking Mastery:

    These socks feature advanced moisture-wicking technology, ensuring your feet stay dry and comfortable throughout your run. Say goodbye to dampness and hello to a dry, irritation-free experience, even during intense activities.

  5. Toe-Separating Technology:

    Injinji is renowned for its toe-separating technology, promoting natural toe splaying. This feature enhances comfort, reduces friction, and ensures a more natural and ergonomic fit for your feet.

  6. Durable Construction for Long-Lasting Wear:

    Injinji is synonymous with durability, and these running socks are built to withstand the rigors of regular use. Invest in gear that provides lasting comfort, support, and precision for your running endeavours.

  7. Arch Support

    Supportive band that offers a secure and stable fit.