Nikwax Base Wash Cleaner & Conditioner For Running Clothing

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Size: 300ml

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Elevate your running gear care routine with Nikwax Base Wash Cleaner & Conditioner – the essential solution to keep your base layers performing at their best. Specifically formulated for running clothing, this advanced cleaner and conditioner go beyond ordinary detergents, ensuring your gear remains fresh, comfortable, and ready for the next run.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Cleaning Power:

    • Nikwax Base Wash effectively removes dirt, sweat, and odours from your running clothing's base layers. Its powerful formula restores fabric performance, ensuring your gear maintains its effectiveness in regulating body temperature.
  2. Revitalizes Breathability:

    • The conditioner in Nikwax Base Wash revitalizes the breathability of your base layers. Enjoy optimal moisture management during your runs, keeping you comfortable and dry, mile after mile.
  3. Gentle on Fabrics:

    • Formulated to be gentle on technical fabrics, Nikwax Base Wash extends the life of your running clothing. Say goodbye to harsh detergents that can compromise fabric integrity and embrace a solution that keeps your gear in top condition.
  4. Easy Application:

    • Nikwax Base Wash is easy to use – simply add it to your washing machine along with your base layers. Experience hassle-free cleaning and conditioning that leaves your gear feeling and performing like new.