OMM Ultra Flexi Flask 350ml + Straw Running Water Bottle

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Color: Clear
Size: 350ml

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Introducing the OMM Ultra Flexi Flask 350ml + Straw - the ultimate hydration solution designed to adapt to your active lifestyle. With a soft and collapsible design and the added convenience of a straw, this flask is engineered for runners who prioritize flexibility and ease of use. Embrace a new level of hydration with OMM Ultra.

Key Features:

  1. Flexible and Collapsible Design: The OMM Ultra Flexi Flask features a soft and collapsible design, providing an ergonomic grip that moves with you. Experience the freedom of a flask that effortlessly adapts to your every stride.

  2. Convenient Straw for Quick Hydration: Equipped with a handy straw, this flask ensures quick and convenient sips during your run. Stay in motion without the need to slow down, allowing for uninterrupted hydration on the go.

  3. Optimal 350ml Capacity: Striking the perfect balance between carrying enough hydration and maintaining a lightweight feel, the 350ml capacity is ideal for various running distances. Keep yourself fueled without excess weight.

  4. Easy-to-Use Straw Design: The OMM Ultra Flexi Flask's straw design is user-friendly, allowing for easy sips without complicated mechanisms. Enjoy a hassle-free hydration experience that complements your active runs.

  5. Versatile for Any Running Adventure: Whether you're tackling city streets or venturing onto trails, the OMM Ultra Flexi Flask 350ml + Straw is versatile enough for any running terrain. Be prepared for hydration, no matter where your run takes you.