OMM Ultra Running Flexi Cup 200ml

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Size: 200ml

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Discover the epitome of compact and sustainable hydration with the OMM Ultra Running Flexi Cup 200ml. Tailored for runners, this cup combines flexibility, lightweight design, and an eco-friendly approach, ensuring that you stay hydrated without excess weight or waste. Embrace the future of on-the-go hydration with OMM Ultra.

Key Features:

  1. Compact 200ml Capacity: The OMM Ultra Running Flexi Cup provides an optimal 200ml capacity, striking the perfect balance between carrying enough hydration and minimizing bulk. Ideal for short runs or quick sips on the go.

  2. Flexible Design: Crafted with flexibility in mind, the OMM Ultra Flexi Cup adapts to your movements. Easily fold and stash it in your pocket or pack, ensuring that it won't weigh you down during your runs.

  3. Lightweight Construction: Weighing next to nothing, the OMM Ultra Flexi Cup is designed to be your lightweight hydration companion. Experience a streamlined running experience without the burden of carrying unnecessary weight.

  4. Sustainable Choice: Embrace eco-friendly hydration with the OMM Ultra Running Flexi Cup. Built to last, this cup eliminates the need for single-use disposable cups, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible running experience.

  5. Versatile for Any Run: Whether you're on a trail run, a city jog, or participating in a marathon, the OMM Ultra Flexi Cup is versatile enough for any running adventure. Adapt to your environment and stay hydrated sustainably.