Rawvelo Organic Energy Bar - Running Nutrition

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Flavour: Chocolate Walnut Brownie

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"Unleash the power of organic nutrition with Rawvelo Organic Energy Bar - a runner's delight that combines pure ingredients with outstanding taste. Engineered for plant-powered endurance, this energy bar is your ticket to sustained energy, natural goodness, and a satisfyingly delicious running experience. Run naturally, run stronger with Rawvelo."

Key Features:

  1. Pure Organic Ingredients: Rawvelo Organic Energy Bar is crafted with 100% organic ingredients, ensuring a pure and clean source of energy for your runs.

  2. Plant-Powered Performance: Packed with plant-based proteins, whole grains, and natural sweeteners, this energy bar offers sustained energy to keep you fueled during long distances.

  3. Delectable Taste: Experience the delight of exceptional taste without compromising on nutrition. Rawvelo Organic Energy Bar offers a flavor-packed experience that runners crave.

  4. Easily Digestible: The thoughtful combination of ingredients makes Rawvelo Organic Energy Bar easily digestible, allowing for quick absorption and sustained energy release.


  • Natural Sustained Energy: Rawvelo Organic Energy Bar provides a steady release of energy, keeping you fueled without the crashes associated with processed alternatives.

  • Organic Goodness: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with consuming a bar made from certified organic ingredients, free from artificial additives and preservatives.

  • Versatile Fuelling: Whether you're hitting the pavement, trails, or track, Rawvelo Organic Energy Bar is a versatile companion for runners of all levels and preferences.

What’s special about Rawvelo energy bars?  Organic and vegan-friendly bars are low on the glycemic index. That means they provide sustained energy release during exercise – instead of the dreaded spike and crash. Each of our wholefood ingredients is selected for its nutritional profile and blended to support bioavailability of key vitamins and minerals. There’s a little protein in there too, helping to prevent muscle damage and promote recovery. Plus, all our bars are cold pressed and never baked to ensure that we conserve all the nutritional benefits of the raw ingredients within. No refined sugars, no preservatives, no artificial additives. Just natural, energy-rich goodness. Dig in.

Deglet Noor dates, ground almonds, walnuts, raw cocoa powder, maple syrup, vanilla extract, sea salt

Nutrition Profile

Nutrition Information Per 100g Per 45g bar
Energy kJ/kcal


Fat 20.5g  


Of which saturates 2.3g 


Carbohydrates 52.0g


Of which sugars 38.1g


Protein 9.6g


Fibre 9.9g


Salt 0.2g