Salomon Active Handheld Soft Flask - Running Water Bottle

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Size: 500ml

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Maximize your running hydration with the Salomon Active Handheld Soft Flask - a game-changer in portable water bottles. Boasting a 500ml capacity, an adjustable soft strap for convenience, and a unique shrink-as-you-drink design, this flask is your go-to companion for on-the-go hydration. Unleash the power of Salomon's innovation on your runs."

Key Features:

  1. 500ml Capacity: The Salomon Active Handheld Soft Flask provides a convenient 500ml capacity, striking the perfect balance between portability and hydration on your runs.

  2. Adjustable Soft Strap: Enjoy a customizable and secure grip with the adjustable soft strap, allowing you to carry the flask comfortably during your entire run.

  3. Shrinks as You Drink: The innovative design shrinks as you drink, minimizing sloshing and maintaining a compact profile for hassle-free running.

  4. Wide 42mm Cap: The wide cap ensures easy refills, making it quick and efficient to replenish your water supply during your runs.

  5. High Flow Valve: Salomon's high-flow valve technology allows for effortless sipping, ensuring you stay hydrated without compromising your pace.


  • On-the-Go Hydration: The handheld design, adjustable strap, and shrink-as-you-drink feature make the Salomon Active Handheld Soft Flask the ideal solution for on-the-go hydration during your runs.

  • Customizable Grip: The adjustable soft strap allows you to find the perfect fit for your hand, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip throughout your run.

  • Efficient Refills: The wide 42mm cap facilitates quick and efficient refills, minimizing downtime during your run.