Salomon Genesis Men's Trail Running Shoes

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Color: Black/Sulphur Spring/Transparent Yellow
Size: 8.5

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Step into peak performance with Salomon Genesis Men's Trail Running Shoes, meticulously designed to elevate your trail-running experience. Boasting a dynamic support chassis for stability and a 4.5mm lug traction for exceptional grip, these shoes are your key to tackling diverse terrains with confidence. Unleash the power of Salomon Genesis on the trails.

Key Features:

  1. Dynamic Support Chassis: The Salomon Genesis Trail Running Shoes feature a dynamic support chassis that provides enhanced stability, allowing you to navigate uneven trails with confidence and control.

  2. 4.5mm Lug Traction: With a 4.5mm lug depth, these trail running shoes offer unparalleled traction on various surfaces, ensuring a secure grip even on challenging terrains.


  • Stability Redefined: The dynamic support chassis delivers stability that adapts to the trail, providing a secure and responsive feel on every stride.

  • Grip in Every Stride: The 4.5mm lug traction ensures reliable grip, giving you the confidence to tackle steep ascents, descents, and unpredictable trails.

  • Trail-Ready Comfort: Salomon Genesis prioritizes not only performance but also comfort, offering a snug fit and cushioning to keep you comfortable during long trail runs.

Trail-Tested Performance:

Take on technical trails, rocky paths, and steep descents with the Salomon Genesis Men's Trail Running Shoes. The dynamic support chassis and 4.5mm lug traction work together to provide the stability and grip needed for a confident and enjoyable trail-running experience.