Salomon Soft Reservoir 1.5L / 2L

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Size: 1.5L
Color: Clear Blue

Ideal for all your trails, the Salomon SOFT RESERVOIR 1.5L will keep you hydrated and energized on the go, shrinking as you drink to limit water bounce. The reservoir combines soft materials, shorter routing and optimized slider grip for practical comfort kilometer after kilometer.

Short underarm routing

The reservoir offers you a logical and 30% shorter way to get more water to your mouth with a high flow rate for less fatigue.


This soft flexible reservoir shapes to fit your bag and shrinks as you drink to limit water bounce. The new slider is also softer on your back.

Easy to use

The updated slider has extra grip that makes refilling and emptying easier, even with cold or sweaty hands.

HYDRATION: Lateral exit

For underarm routing.

HYDRATION: Plug-n-Play system

A 'click' valve that makes it easy to disconnect the tube from the bladder, even when the bladder is full.

SUSTAINABILITY: PVC, bisphenol - A free

FDA approved polyurethane.

HYDRATION: 90cm tube

Long enough for standard routing. And can be cut shorter for underarm routing.

HYDRATION: Reversible volume

Turn it inside out for simple, easy cleaning.

HYDRATION: Rocket valve

Mounted on all Salomon soft reservoirs.


A plastic with multiple properties: elasticity, comfort, transparency, resists liquid penetration, taste free, PVC free, and non-toxic. Ideal for hydration bladders & tubes.


Beyond lifetime guarantee



31 x 15 L x W x D in cm
1.5 liters
120 g
Solution type
Soft reservoir


74% Thermoplastic Polyurethane, 12% Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene, 7% Polyoxymethylene, 4% Polypropylene, 3% Silicon