Tailwind Endurance Fuel Mix - 54g Stickpack Running Nutrition

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Flavour: Tropical Buzz (Contains Caffeine)

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Empower your run with Tailwind Endurance Fuel Mix - 54g Stickpack, a meticulously crafted running nutrition solution. Boasting a perfectly balanced blend of calories, electrolytes, and hydration, Tailwind keeps you satisfied and energized, allowing you to conquer the miles without feeling hungry or overly full. Dive into the energizing world of Tailwind.

Key Features:

  1. Perfectly Balanced Nutrition: Tailwind's 54g Stickpack offers a precisely balanced blend of calories, electrolytes, and hydration, ensuring that every sip contributes to sustained energy and endurance during your run.

  2. Satisfaction without Fullness: Tailwind's design ensures you feel satisfied and energetic, striking the perfect balance to keep you fueled without the discomfort of feeling overly full or hungry during your run.

  3. Caffeinated Flavor Options: Explore the energizing world of caffeinated flavors with Raspberry Buzz, Matcha/Green Tea Buzz, Colorado Cola, and Tropical Buzz. Perfect for an additional boost during intense runs.

  4. Consistent 100 Calories: Each serving is a delicious and convenient 100 calories, allowing for easy tracking of your nutritional intake during your run.


  • Sustained Energy: Tailwind Endurance Fuel Mix provides sustained energy, allowing you to maintain peak performance throughout your run without the risk of energy crashes.

  • Balanced Hydration: The perfectly balanced blend ensures proper hydration, supporting your body's needs for fluid balance and electrolyte replenishment.

  • Caffeine Boost Options: Choose from the caffeinated flavors to enjoy an extra boost of energy during your run, elevating your performance in a delicious and refreshing way.


Tailwind Nutrition is VEGAN, gluten free and without soy or dairy.

Carbohydrate-electrolyte solutions contribute to the maintenance of endurance performance during prolonged endurance exercise

Carbohydrate-electrolyte solutions enhance the absorption of water during physical exercise