August 06, 2023

True Motion Nevos Elements Next Gen - out now!

True Motion Nevos Elements Next Gen - out now!

Even before opening Sole Mate we were always supported well on the journey by the guys at True Motion.  They got what we were trying to do, and loved the fact we were willing to look at new brands that brought something new to the party, and helped wherever they could to help us launch the shop.

True Motion is a compelling story, from the previous brands and shoes that owners have worked on, with the likes of Asics, Brooks and even inventing the Nike Pegasus, to not just going off and creating a new brand, but creating a new brand that does it differently, and their U-Tech approach is certainly different.

This is how the U-Tech looks when you look at any of the shoe's outersole.

True Motion U Tech

If you've not heard of the brand before, their mission is to reduce running related injuries. Did you know that 50% of runners are injured during the year, and 50% of those are injured at the knee. That's a lot of injuries!

What their U-Tech brings to party is 3 fold..

Centered footstrike (left image)

Support and security: everytime your foot lands, it lands securely and well-supported in the center of the U-shaped technology.

Trampoline effect (central image)

Almost like floating: with full-length U-TECH™ technology, you run like on a very comfortable trampoline. The newly developed U-TECH™ foam has an energy return of 75 %!!

Heavenly comfort (right image)

A spa for your feet: even more innovative U-TECH™ foam and the best, even more sustainable materials will make you feel like you’re floating.

The Nevos and Aion road models have sold extremely well in store with, and the v1 of the Elements has done well. But the arrival of the Next Gen this week has blown us away.

The Elements is the Hybrid shoe, The Road to Trail, the All Terrain, and all of the other names that brands use interchangeably.

"The update lets runners run whenever and wherever they want. The new outsole with the newly developed MotionGrip Technology made from a special rubber compound provides even more grip in all weathers. Thanks to more U-TECH™ Foam, the U-TECH Nevos Elements next gen is even better cushioned, making running more comfortable – on all surfaces. The optimized fit gives the foot exactly the freedom it needs while providing an even greater sense of security at the same time." 

On 8th August, we became the first running shop in the UK, and only the second in the world to run a try-on event.
Our social running group turned up in their numbers, to try the shoe on. We did a mix of road, trail, grass, hills (up and down) and really put the shoe through it's paces in the rain.

The weather gave the perfect opportunity to also test the repellent upper which did not disappoint. Despite the shoe not boasting to be "waterproof" not a single drop of rain or moisture from the grass made it passed the upper.

Grip on all terrains was amazing, for a "not fully trail shoe", and a "not fully road shoe", it really stuck to the ground. Tarmac was wet during the run and even downhill around sharp corners, it didn't disappoint. It's not an easy task to say which terrain it handles best!

It's also hard to put my finger on what was most impressive about the shoe, it really is, but the cushioning certainly impressed. As someone who is currently living in the New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 V12's for the comfort around the shop, and running in them as they're an amazing shoe, after wearing the Elements Next Gen, the 1080's felt "not very cushioned" which is the furthest from the truth. The 33% extra foam in the U-Tech technology on the Elements Next Gen made the difference!

Want to try them? You won't be disappointed: