January 11, 2024

"Mind and Sole Mate" - our mental health focus

"Mind and Sole Mate" - our mental health focus
"Mind and Sole Mate" is the name of our Community Interest Company which we registered at the same time as we opened Sole Mate. You may have seen it written on a "collection cup" on our counter in store.

The purpose of the C.I.C. is to serve the community, and our focus on how we would like to do that, is providing people with help to get fit and healthy, physically, but also mentally.

Mental Health was a massive driver for the opening of Sole Mate, and will continue to play a massive part in its existence. Running has always been a very useful tool, in improving our own mental health too, and we will continue to preach the benefits to anyone that will listen.

During 2024, we want to put much more of a focus on the CIC. 2023 was all about establishing the business, which in turn would allow us to build the CIC, as a separate entity, both legal, financially, and otherwise.

Using funds that we will raise through fundraising (and there have been some insanely generous offers of some crazy feats to raise money already!), any grants we can access, donations and such like, we will look to cover costs of private mental health treatment for people in need, using qualified therapists.

We have a physical space upstairs in the shop, where those qualified therapists will work alongside us in helping people in need. Sessions via online tools like Zoom or Teams will also be available.

Sole Mate was always meant to be a community, a hub for health; this is the next step.

If you're interested in raising any money for "Mind and SoleMate CIC", are a qualified therapist looking to base yourself somewhere new 1 day a week, have other ideas of how you'd like to work with us on this and make a difference to people's mental health, then please get in touch.

We will follow up with another post around how to book sessions, as soon as we can, and they are available.

How can you donate?
Donations can be made via :

Bank transfer (details provided on request)

Cash in store (and we'll bank it into the account above). We'll also some "collection" events as part of world mental health day, social runs, and other such days and events.

Via our JustGiving CrowdFunding page - https://lnkd.in/emVYqSZr

It has to be crowdfunding as we're a Community Interest Company and not a charity, and that's how JustGiving works by the look of it!

Let's make a difference through running.

I can't stress enough that this is COMPLETELY SEPARATE from the retail business and no funds from the CIC, will ever be used for the Ltd Company business.